Karen Hotel - General Terms of Registration and Reservation Introduction

The said business conditions apply to the guests of Karen Hotel.

2 Reservations

The guests can book hotel accommodation in advance or when they arrive at the hotel. Reservations are made in accordance with the existing quota of rooms to be used. The hotel reserves the right to reject reservations for important reasons. As a rule, the payments are made while taking departure; however, the hotel may request the quests to provide information regarding a guarantor and/or credit card during their booking or arriving at the hotel.

3 Dates of Arrival and Departure

Check-in is possible for guests at all times starting from 2:00 pm. If a guest does not arrive at the hotel until 2:00 pm and inform the hotel about any delay with respect to his/her arrival, the hotel has the right to lease the room to another person. The guests are obliged to leave the room and make the payment until 12:00 am on the day they are about to take their departure. Delays that may arise with respect to this point, give rise to the right to invoicing for another overnight stay at the hotel.

4 Prices

All prices, in regard to each room of the hotel, conform to the current prices. These prices are disseminated at the reception and on request, they are given to the quests. All prices published on www.aquariumhotels.com include only the payments indicated in the definition of installment.

5 Payments

All of the outstanding invoices must be paid while taking departure.

6 Cancellations

In case the guest cancels a reservation subject to the condition of the explanations stated in item 2, the hotel is entitled to collect the cancellation fees set out below:

(a) In case the cancellation is notified 7-14 days before the reserved overnight stay, 25 % of the fee of the overnight stay;

(b) In case the cancellation is notified 3-7 days before the reserved overnight stay, 50 % of the fee of the overnight stay;

(c) In case the cancellation is notified 1-2 days before the reserved overnight stay, 75 % of the fee of the overnight stay;

(d) In case the cancellation is notified 24 hKaren Hotels before the reserved overnight stay, 90 % of the fee of the overnight stay.

7 Shifting

In the event that Karen Hotel cannot offer room at the requested number and kind in accordance with the reservation for various reasons, Karen Hotel is entitled to shift the customer to a hotel having the same level of standards in the same region. Additional and suitable costs that may arise for a comparable shifting (only for the first night) are at the discretion of Karen Hotel and as a rule, on account of Karen Hotel in favor of the customer. Acceptance of this liability (does not mean the departure from the hotel by the customer due to the obligation of the payments to be made to the hotel) supersede all kinds of responsibilities and obligations clearly excluded in this way.

8 Right to Refusal

In case the hotel reaches to a reasoned conclusion as to the taking of alcohol, drug, improper dressing or unacceptable manner of behavior by the customer, it can reject the guests entrance into and accommodation at the hotel.

9 Disturbances

In case any guest creates unrest, behaves in an unacceptable way or in a way as to annoy, hurt other guests, the hotel has the right to expel this quest from the hotel.

10 Hotel Regulations

The guests are obliged to comply with the binding proper provisions and procedures at the hotel, security procedures as well as the provisions of legal registration and notification. Domestic animals are not allowed at the hotel. Children below the age of 14 must always be under the supervision of an adult guest.

11 Valuable Goods

The guests having valuable goods must keep these within the safe deposit boxes of the hotel. The hotel is responsible for losses of or damages to the valuable goods kept in these safe deposit boxes. 12 Loss, Responsibility etc. The guests are obliged to notify immediately any loss of or damage to the goods they own, to the authorized personnel, security personnel and other employees of the hotel and the hotel is obliged to provide support to the police for the arrest of those notified. The guests are prohibited from entering into the areas of the hotel indicated as closed to the public.

The hotel in no way is responsible for the injury, health of the guests and/or loss of or damages to their property. The hotel is in no way responsible for the losses and damages arising from improper behaviors and negligence, force or only possession by the guest of the specific property. The responsibility of the hotel for losses of and damages to the goods owned by the guests is 75 for a good and limited to 150 totally. Goods given to the safe deposit box of the hotel for safekeeping or goods stolen or damages as a result of the great negligence and deliberate conduct of the hotel constitute the exceptional circumstances.