Karen Hotel - Confidentiality Principles

As Karen Hotel, Karen Hotel basic principle is the importance we give to the confidentiality of Karen Hotel members' personal information. YKaren Hotel reservation information and other personal information shall be kept private. These information may be used only and solely by Karen Hotel in its own structure to determine customer profile.

You can make a claim about reservation cancellation at any time you want. As a result of yKaren Hotel request about reservation cancellation, all of yKaren Hotel personal information registered in Karen Hotel system shall be erased.

We adopt in principle presenting to you a safety atmosphere in which you can feel relaxed as a guest of Karen Hotel. As a result, yKaren Hotel personal information shall be kept private to the extent you desire. Karen Hotel aim is to create a safety site and form a platform on which confidentiality will be saved for all of Karen Hotel visitors.

Karen Hotel has the right to make changes in confidentiality rights. In such a case, all concerned persons shall be notified about said changes.

Above Confidentiality Principles guarantee yKaren Hotel individual rights.

Credit Cards and Safety

Safety of credit card owners that book from site of Karen Hotel is well to the fore. Karen Hotel uses Garanti e-commerce Virtual POS system, the most common online payment infra-structure of Turkey. Information about the credit card used during reservation reach to the related bank about to be interrogated. If usability of the card is approved, reservation is continued. Since no information about the card may be displayed and registered by the site, third parties are prevented from obtaining the information somehow. .